Sunday, October 18, 2020


MATTHEW TEEVAN IS AN illustrator who shows his work on Art Station, an online centre for the visual creatives community.

SMN report: In Matthew Teevan's words: "I like to build models in my spare time, and grew up on plastic model kits, Airfix, Revell, Matchbox and Aurora kits. Some wishful thinking here in the form of fantasy what-if box-top artwork. Also some wishful thinking on movies that could have – and should have – been made!"

We say, well done Matthew – there's plenty here we'd like to spend our Autumn nights constructing.

THUNDERBIRD 2 (header, below) We can all dream of a top of the line, large-scale Airfix Thunderbird 2. As the scale size was imagined as being more than 76 m (250 ft) long, even a 1:144 scale kit would be a biggish build, some 530 mm (20.8 in) in length when assembled.

RTL 2 (below) This was a supersonic transporter that appeared in the Thunderbirds episode, The Cham-Cham. At 1:144 scale it would be some 457 mm (18 in) long.

MAC’S JET AIR CAR (below). Airfix model cars are mostly to 1:32 scale, rather than the standard 1:24 car scale. But 1:32 is a more typical aircraft scale, so a Mac’s Jet Air Car kit would make perfect sense in the somewhat smaller proportion.

ZERO-X (below). Another 'what-if' dream project would be an Airfix Zero-X from the Thunderbirds Are Go feature film. As conceived, Zero-X was a multi-stage spaceship with detachable lifting bodies and a Martian Excursion Vehicle front cabin. Another design from the prolific VFX Director, Derek Meddings.

STAR WARS DOGFIGHT DOUBLE (below). Here, two 1:72 scale kits have been paired up as a Dogfight Double, featuring a Rebel X-Wing and Imperial TIE Fighter.

HYPERION (below). This is the airship from a 1974 adventure film The Island at the Top of the World, to the standard Airfix civil aircraft scale of 1:144. This what-if model would be some 457 mm (18 in) long when assembled.

NAUTILUS I (below). Inspired by the 1870 novel by Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, this Nautilus submarine design featured in the little-known 1969 sci-fi adventure film Captain Nemo and the Underwater City.

CAVORSPHERE (below). A 1:32 scale kit, based on the spaceship in the 1964 film of the HG Wells story The First Men in the Moon. In the story, Professor Henry Cavor's spherical design was controlled by special mechanized shutters, coated in gravity-defying 'cavorite', which propelled the ship away from the Earth.

RED ARROW (below). A what-if box top for the fighter jet that appeared in the Thunderbirds TV show episode Edge of Impact. Derek Meddings' VFX team used a 1:48th scale Aurora Saab Draken kit as the basis for the Red Arrow. This was in 1965, when the Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team was just a year old, flying Folland Gnat jets. Today the team flies the BAE Hawk.