If you like the world of models and miniatures, then Scale Model News is for you. The guiding lights behind SMN include science writer and photographer, David Jefferis, and guru of the model world, Mat Irvine.

David (below) comes from the worlds of journalism and publishing. His children's non-fiction (CNF) books include award-winning titles that range from galaxies and quasars to fast jets, robots, and dinosaurs. 

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Mat Irvine (below) has a cv that includes many years with the BBC Visual Effects Department. Apart from contributing to this site, Mat has created a series of highly successful model shows, which are featured here at Scale Model News. 

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There’s another TV legacy too, the connection being Gerry Anderson, of Thunderbirds puppet-series fame. Way back when, David scripted and drew Starcruiser, an Anderson-inspired weekly story that ran in the pages of ITV’s Look-In magazine.

Airfix produced a kit (below) of the modular spacecraft, though it never made the silver screen, as planned by Gerry.

David created several huge posters (example below) that were shown at Gerry Anderson's Space City exhibition in Blackpool, UK.