Model Barn

Random scale stuff here to give you ideas and inspiration for current and future projects and builds. Return here for future additions. 

The Science Museum, London, has many (many!) models on display. The aircraft trio (below) took our interest, especially the cutaway DC-3. The Science Museum is highly recommended for a rainy day trip. It's a place we'll do a feature on sometime soon.

Interesting work (below) seen at a big model show. Talented work for sure.

Land speeder and Hot Rod (above) vie for attention in Mat's Marvellous Model Museum. 

The MMMM ebook is available at Amazon via the SMN homepage button at top right. The ebook is viewable on Kindle and other e-readers.

Star Wars meets Walker Bulldog tank in this assault conversion to 1:72 scale. 

And here's a set of pix taken at the first smallspace exhibition, back in 2013.

There's a host of model talent out there, and these pix show off the sort of eye candy on display. Enjoy the skills and imagination on show.

Thanks to the model makers concerned, and to Mat Irvine, who was the brains behind the show, together with the man who dreamt up the idea, Paul Fitzmaurice.